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...with... collaboration

Some of the progressive organisations we have had the privilege of working with 

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...with... results

”Developed and excellently delivered a series of leadership conferences and activities that were highly thought provoking and really enjoyable, yet delivered effective learnings for all participants - an excellent and unique support for any leadership development programme or one off training events - I would highly recommend - unique approach and delivery.”

T. Copsey, Three

why with... 

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Our mission is to facilitate purpose-full learning experiences for leaders who want to accelerate the development of socially sustainable teams and businesses, because leadership is not a management position, but a set of behaviours.

At our core we believe that leadership is best done with others, rather than to others.

The preposition 'with' is used to answer the question; 'how do you lead?'

Do you want to lead with manipulation or with honesty; with ambiguity or with purpose; with neglect or with empathy?

We're convinced few managers intend to act with manipulation, ambiguity, nor neglect, yet many have that effect. Ironically, over time, it negatively impacts the bottom-line that they are so often desperately focused on.

Would you like to build deep, sustainable strength in purpose-full leadership? Our coaching, training, and facilitation builds capability, confidence, and character now, as well as in the future.

With Leadership company logo
About Us

...with... values

Our core values underpin everything that we do; our clients experience us behaving in this way.

Here our founder, Simon Fagg, shares why the values we work by are so important to us as a team.

If we fall short, please let us know.

Be one
Bring light
Reveal truth
Absorb stuff
Leave better

...with... teams

Through empowering facilitation, we transform dysfunctional working groups into sustainable teams. We assist teams in recognising the truth of where they currently are, and help them plan and progress to where their purpose, vision and values are driving them.

What this means for your team:

Catalyst for development
Experience transformational progress with your team: how you work with them, the effectiveness in meetings and the focus the team has on what really matters for you all. Our team will help you feel equipped to deliver value, growth and operational excellence both now and for the future.

Enthusiasm for growth
We're proud of the consistently positive feedback we receive from sessions we run with teams across industries and countries. We know how to facilitate meaningful discussion which foster an environment for honesty, challenge and growth. We design and deliver powerful learning and development sessions which are highly engaging and address the heart of the matter needed for the organisation 

We elevate training programmes so delegates leave feeling empowered, enthused and confident in their ability to drive improvement for themselves and their teams.

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...with... individuals

We aim to help managers get to the core of who they are as a leader, and the potential they have. Whilst workshops can be great for this, 1:1 coaching helps individuals focus on the leadership behaviours most important for their personal growth, unlock their potential and refine focus and clarity of purpose.

What this means for you as a leader:

Purpose-driven Leadership:
You will become a leader full of purpose. You will recognise your why, understand potential derailers and how to manage them, and further develop the key strengths that you can lead with. 
As accredited coaches registered with the ICF, we enjoy providing the challenge and perspective, with the knowledge and experience that growth will come from the process.

Develop in-house coaching techniques:
Are you frustrated that you are not getting the most from your team? Embedding coaching skills they experience and learn will help your leaders have more impactful performance conversations with individuals and their teams, think innovatively through challenging convention and increase the effectiveness of team meetings.

with...aspiring leaders

...with... aspiring leaders

Our goal is to inspire the young people of today to get excited about leading! We want to inspire and train aspiring leaders in sustainable leadership skills now, so they can recognise that they're already leading.

What this means for you:

Purpose-full Leadership:

As an aspiring leader, you will become full of purpose. You will be able to recognise your why, identify your key strengths, and learn how to influence the sustainability factors of culture, ecology, economics, and business growth within your organisation and your community.

Who says I'm not a leader already?

If leadership is influence, who are you already leading? How can you more consciously lead others? How can you more fully drive collaboration in the teams you're already working in? We will help you identify the innate leader within, and challenge you to choose to lead even without positional authority.

After Dinner Leadership podcast:

We introduce listeners to an inspiring leader by hosting an informal conversation about life, leadership and leaving a legacy. We look into the career and experience of someone with positive and key leading qualities to help identify what it takes to lead effectively, and how to start now.

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